Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awesome Song of The Week!

I think other girls might agree that there is nothing like driving down the road with an awesome chick song blaring through your speakers. You know, there are those songs that just make you feel like you're sexy and strong! Like you could triumphantly kick someone in the face! A song that just infuses your soul with an amazing sense of "damn, I'm cool!"And I guess in all actuality it doesn't have to be a chick song. But not just any song! The right song can make you feel this way when your sitting on your couch in sweats ya know? There are just those songs that when they come on I can't sit any longer, I have to get up and do something! Karate chops and roundhouse kicks in my living room (not really) but maybe sometimes! They're inspiring and make you wanna do things!

So to keep myself motivated and feeling really awesome I think each week I'm going to post a song like that. Hopefully it gets you motivated and feeling awesome too. Here's one those songs that do that for me.....

This week's song is a classic No Doubt song- Sunday Morning. First of all, I LOVE Gwen Stefani. I have met a few celebrities/ famous people and I've never been starstruck. Although I think if I ever met her, I might pee myself a little. She's gorgeous and the epitome of cool. This song particularly is so great because the drums (in my opinion). That constant beat keeps the energy high and with her girlish lyrics over that strong force of music, it's just the best thing. And I believe most can relate, at some point I think we have all encountered someone who was a total fake. This is a great song. Go ahead, rock out now. Have a great Thursday everybody!

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