Monday, June 18, 2012

On Being Back and Better Than Ever

Hola! Did you miss me? Cause I totes missed blogging. Whew! It has been a very crazy two weeks but let me tell you, things are better than ever and this blog is about to get REAL HYPE. I'm so not even joking. We have some really good things in the works and I am so happy and proud. And seriously, I mentioned on the other site already once tonight about how lucky I am but I'm going to say it again. I have some really great friends. Ok, really bad ass friends and LUCKEE for you, you're going to meet some of them. One of the major contributors for this personal site is now Miss Elizabeth Overton. She will be my partner in crime with everything PrettyRiot Personal and this makes total sense. We want to show you that we are "Real Girls Doing Real Things"....(Liz thought of that, she's so crafty) because let's face it, we are not as perfect as some of those instagram people like to portray and maybe our Do It Yourself projects fail more often than not but we're going to show you the good the bad and the ugly. We are going to be totally honest while we take a stab at being better at all these things and we are SO EXCITED to do so and bring you along for the ride!!!!!!

Here's a little bit about Liz Overton:

Liz grew up on a the bay....really. (She wants me to mention that the actual name of the place was 'Rainbow Zen Ranch', she swears she's not lying.) Liz loves her family (especially her nieces) and is currently pursuing a degree in Education. Liz is a reader, frequent Do It Yourselfer, and has made an attempt at maintaining her very own garden this spring. She spends lots of time trying to convince her boyfriend why they NEED a pet and has compromised for fostering kittens, or any other animal she must snuggle for a week at a time. Liz loves music and has a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, she's neurotic and crazy, and she is one of my very best friends.

SO LET'S DO THIS! Go ahead add us on Google Friend Connect, put us in your blog roll, add us to your feed! Check back and tell your friends. PrettyRiot Personal might soon be one of your favorite blogs on the web ;)

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