Thursday, July 5, 2012

Champagne Thursday?, Meal Movement, & Crossfit

I'm not giving up on this tradition. I kind of forgot aaallll about since this week has definitely been kind of wacky. 4th of July on a Wednesday? It sounded cool in the beginning but truly it just made the week feel like it had two Mondays. But yeah, we are SO getting on that Champagne Thursday thing next week.

Is it ok to drink champagne on a diet? Cause this week I have been doing a bit of research and looking into a few ways of integrating some healthiness into my life and I think I might try Meal Movement. It's a food delivery program that delivers food to your door frozen and it's all portion controlled and healthy for you. You see, dinner in my house is such an ordeal. I used to cook meals and then I slowly started to slack and more and more we ended up eating out or driving thru to make it quick. We take 10 years to make the decision of what's for dinner. The last statement may have been slightly exaggerated but not by much.Then we overpay for a bunch of trash food that keeps us fat. The only good thing is that it's convenient. SO I am thinking Mike and I might try this Meal Movement thing. I'll let you know how it goes.

Crossfit: I have a few friends that have done it and a few that are in it now. I've known about crossfit for a few years now but it always seemed so extreme and never appealed to me. I am by no means rushing out the door to go join right now but a tiny sliver of me (and seriously, the tiniest sliver) kind of wants to do it. I feel like I may need to work up to it. It sounds so intense that I'm totally worried I would either 1) Pass out AND/OR 2) Throw up and I'm not too keen on either. We'll see about this Crossfit thing.

Have any of you tried Meal Movement? And what about Crossfit? Tell me about your experience if you are in fact still alive.

Anywho, if you didn't check out the PrettyRiot dot com site go there now and read about how to win tickets to Come See My Dead Person's show tomorrow night in Galveston at the the legendary Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe. You have until about noon tomorrow (Friday) to enter.

Sleep tight everybody!

<3, Jess


  1. It's good that you want to incorporate more healthy things into you and your family's life! Kudos to you :)

    I've never tried that meal plan, but it sounds interesting. Personally, I don't trust frozen foods so I'm a little skeptical (or paranoid-We'll go with paranoid), but I'd be curious to know how it goes!

    As for the crossfit, you're on your own. LOL Never tried it before.

  2. Jess is definetely on her own when it comes to cross fit! Much too hard core.