Monday, April 30, 2012

No Fbook for 30 Days- Say Whaaaa?

"Hi. My name is Jessica and I am strangely addicted to Facebook."

Do they have a group meeting for this somewhere? Ha! Really I didn't think it was that bad until I decided to take myself away from it for a bit....

I decided this past Thursday that I would sign off of Facebook for 30 days. A cleansing if you will. Every tiny second that I find a free moment, waiting in line at the grocery store, during a TV commercial, on a quick break from work, I grab my phone and out of pure habit I get on Facebook to mindlessly scroll through the timeline. It's not particularly a bad thing to like Facebook. It keeps me in touch with a lot of people I don't see frequently but I was thinking that if every moment I had free I did something else with my time (oh like say, be productive?) then maybe I could get  a handle on these things that I am currently calling "dreams". I dream a lot, there are SO MANY things that I want to do but for some reason I always feel that I am way too busy to get around to them when in actuality, I'm not that damn busy really....if I could manage my time better I believe that perhaps it wouldn't seem this way.

SO in an attempt to combat this I am giving up my mindless (and totes frivolous) Facebook lolly gagging (for lack of a better word). So since last Thursday I have been off of Facebook! It's a little weird, I have caught myself reaching for my phone only to remember I uninstalled the app. Had I not done that I would be scrolling through the timeline without even thinking about it. I even had a dream last night that I was scrolling through Facebook....seriously?!?!??! Yes. It's horrible and maybe even a little embarrassing. I never realized how deeply intertwined freaking FACEBOOK was into my everyday. It's totally ridiculous.

With that being said, I plan to dedicate more time to blogging as well as more time to the online store I am integrating on the PrettyRiot dot com site. More about that tomorrow....

Have you ever taken time off of Facebook? Was it as weird a reality check for you as it has been for me these past few days? We're in the Trust Tree here, go on and tell me all about your Facebook addiction :)

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