Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting an Online Store and Being My Own Worst Enemy

SO, part of the reason why I decided to take some time away from wasting time on Facebook is because I have this project that I am working on and there is no time for fluff. You see, I'm planning on opening an online store element over at the PrettyRiot.com site. It hasn't been as easy I thought it would be because:

#1 I don't know how to use the program. I keep using this as an excuse to not learn it too. (That's about as utterly honest as one can get folks!)

The thing is, I get really frustrated when it comes to technology. I am incredibly impatient so when something is difficult or not as easy I think it should be, I get really mad. It's a horrible thing and something that gets in my way. I like to be happy and fun and in great spirits often. SO instead of taking the challenge head on, I avoid it with lines like, "It's so difficult!" OR "It's soooo detailed, I get confused." And while I recognize that it's totally ok to feel that way, what's not ok is to sit in those statements for days on end getting absolutely nothing done.

You know that one car commercial that's all,"If you aren't moving forward, you're moving backwards."? UGH, THEY ARE SO RIGHT! I hate them for being so right!

#2 I haven't dedicated the time to making it happen. Plain and simple.

In order to learn the software and find the merchandise you have to do some shit. It's not going to magically appear in my online store that magically designed itself.

I'm a firm believer in if you can dream it up, there is a way to bring that dream to reality but I keep getting hung up on these molehills that in my distorted vision are The Appalachian Mountains. Mike made a good point a few weeks ago. He said,"It's time to stop dreaming and start doing."

Why does he and that one car commercial have to be so right!?!?

I've got the vision, I've the planning down to a ridiculous tee and I'm very organized but these plans sit there on the shelf because of those two excuses..... and because I'm a little afraid....

I think that fear cripples a lot of would be entrepreneurs. Well, I know it does. Fear has made me think that I might get in over my head or that I may become too overwhelmed in order to properly take care of my business venture. It's this weird fear of success kind of. That's ridiculous you know? I'm totally capable and I think I'm finally feeling ready. Like Bethany Frankel says in her book, A Place of Yes, I've got to stop listening to the noise. (She too, is so right.)

For Pete's sake! (and who is Pete anyway?) It's AN ONLINE STORE! IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. I could probably start posting things in the next hour and business would be up and running. I'm way too in my head. Obviously.

Something that is reassuring when I start feeling afraid is the realization that there are so many people in the world that are less creative, less intelligent, and have less charisma- and they are doing just fine. Not to be down on those people, cool for them, but I've got all that spunk and know how! I can do it too! So can you!  I've seen it so many times and it's frustrating but also also very encouraging.

So, to work on my store I go! If you know anyone that is an independent designer or creates something cool and needs a place to sell it online, email me their info Jessica ((at)) PrettyRiot ((dot)) com. It's time to learn by doing!

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