Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PrettyRiot Personal

Hi :) Welcome to my new blog.  Here's some quick history: Back in the day, I had a personal blog where I was an anonymous writer. It was like an open diary that was extremely candid and chronicled a tough time in my life. I loved the community it brought and it taught me that among all of the horrible people in this earth there were still down to the core good, honest people. I had strangers from around the world reach out to me and comfort me during a time I felt incredibly alone. Since it was such a personal, private, vividly candid, and brutally honest diary there was no way I felt comfortable enough to take that blog public. And...I kind of outgrew that space altogether.

Since then, things have improved in a major way and in order to be able to still keep a blog, become public and keep a creative outlet I started PrettyRiot.com, a Houston based blog that posts about a variety of things that are rooted in independent artistry of all types with the majority focus in music and fashion. We are even headed into the venue of ecommerce! By the end of the summer we will have a fully functional store!

As proud as I am of PrettyRiot (and you should definitely visit that site too btw!) I have struggled with writing freely and incorporating a personal side into it. While I totally LOVE the concept and everything that PrettyRiot accomplishes I still need this personal outlet to share stories of my day to day endeavors. Quite frankly, I encounter and experience some pretty interesting things that warrant sharing! Frequently I send mass emails to friends I don't see often enough with stories and updates. I think that perhaps in maintaining a new blog I will be able to accomplish satisfying this need to write more openly about...just stuff, things, whatever I want!- my dogs and living by the beach, not always a music review or show that's coming up, etc., then maybe my friends who get emails filled with my antics can come see those things here instead. So that's what the deal is. Thank you for stopping by :)

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