Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is Who We Are

Well, since this is a new blog/ new endeavor let's go ahead and introduce everyone. I'll begin with a little bit about myself. I am 28 years old and I work in Human Resources for a civil engineering firm. If you know anything about HR then you know this means I take care of the complaints and the craziness that might occur in an office..let me tell you, there's lots of it. You may already know about the parent blog to this personal one,, which is my Houston based blog where I write about independent arts (mostly music and fashion). I  have many hopes and dreams for the PrettyRiot dot com space but I am at a constant battle with time management and sometimes (read often) I struggle with getting things posted/ having the time to do anything at all. Sometimes I wonder how anyone could? I am constantly amazed by people who work a full time job, take care of a household (especially if they have kids), stay fit, have a blog, AND have time to craft, AND then take amazing pictures of it all. Are you kidding me? Are you on crack? We don't even have children and I just don't get how these people manage it all! BUT they do so it must mean that I can too, so here's to trying again ( and again....).

Mike is my boyfriend. His day job consists of....scratch that, his around the clock job consists of running two shops here where we live. You know how people say if you have your own business it's like being married to it? It's kind of like that, he's married to the shops. Or as he says, he's the shops dad. (Only pick one of those analogies...the both together is kind of weird.) Mike is very busy, intelligent, patient, and organized, well mostly organized. I admire him and especially his work ethic. He's really funny and ridiculously good looking too. I totally hit the jackpot with this guy. Mike is also in a band called Come See My Dead Person. They are recording an album at the moment and it should be completely finished by the end of the summer. If you continue to read here, there's no doubt you will get to hear some tunes and see the band in action. I made a few video diaries of them in the studio. Check those out here and here.

Almost three years ago we met, fell in love, became very happy, and blissfully fat. We have decided to keep the happy but are currently working on dropping that fat part. Please feel free to share all of your healthy advice and all things that pertain to getting/being/maintaining healthy cause we are so on that train right now.

We recently moved in to our own home with our two small, extremely adorable dogs Mally and Biggie. I can't say enough about how cute and lovable these little animals are. I'm going to post a picture and you're going to die right there in your desk chair. I guarantee they will kill you with their cuteness. It's -almost- disgusting how cute these dogs are. Consider yourself warned.

Mally (the white one) is actually Biggie's (the brown one) mom. She got knocked up really early in life and so now they are growing up together. It's like the K9 version of MTV's Teen Mom.

Well that's us! I guess I failed to mention that we are obsessed with Bravo, any entity of The Real Housewives, Bethany Ever After, and all things E!....Mike will deny this part but he's so in. Welcome to our little spot on the interwebs! I'm going to eat some bacon and think about how to get back in to my skinny jeans.

HA! Just kidding:)

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