Friday, May 25, 2012

What's Really Going On...

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Hello lovely internets :) Like I said in the previous post I have been a little worker bee at the site getting ready for Summer Fest. I had mentioned linking to those posts soooo here you can read about a band called The Eastern Sea and here you can read about a musician named Kirby Brown. Interesting music and as always, great interviews.


In order to get ready for all the business that seems to be taking over every waking hour I get away from my office, I need coffee. I have become a coffee addict and I just don't know what to do about it. Can't I just embrace it? Is it truly that bad of a vice? I don't think so, it's just. So. Good.

Look at this gorgeous thing

Also, I just started reading 50 Shades of Grey and I know I know everyone's been on this train for a while now and I'm way behind but holy milk making cow! wow. I knew that people were into this book but whewwee! It's pretty hott! I'm only on chapter 6 and I canNOT imagine what the rest of this book (and trilogy) holds! I like it, like it :)

This is definitely the theme song that is in my head for it:

I have so much to write about and will soon! We went on the bus trip with the band to Austin, it was A BLAST! I have a few pics to share too. Coming soon.

  File:Stick Dancer.gif

I also might have a few how-to's to incorporate but let's just say, I am by no means a 'crafty' person, at least I dont really think so. And the glue gun, oh it's so lethal! But I have a few things I plan on attempting soon and I would love to share the experience and the outcome, the good/bad/ugly.

The pups are doing great as per usual. I even let Mally drive me around town the other day...


Not really, but she had a great time posing for pictures, that little ham! I don't have a written Top 5 today but there are MANY things I am thankful for. Hopefully after next week we will be back to our regular programming! Have an awesome weekend friends.

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  1. yay Mally! This cracks me up. I am totally trying this with my lab. My mom always tells me to "dress him up" and take pictures. Forget playing dress up ... I'm having him drive a car next time! so funny.