Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Top 5

Ok, Top 5 for this week. I am so happy and thankful for so much this week it's kind of ridiculous really. You know I could, on any day of the week, point out the things that I want to be better or things that are going wrong but this top 5 always ALWAYS reminds me of how damn lucky I truly am. Anywho----here we go:

1. So thankful that I finally got the clothing racks I needed to hang up the mounds of clothes I have had scattered all over the place in our house. The fact that they were only $17 helps to! The PrettyRiot Store will be coming soon, as we are working towards that day finally! But yes, I am so thankful for the racks and am sure Mike is too.

2. Thankful that my car after 5 long months is finally legal! My inspection sticker has been out (((since January))) and I have avoided the great big hassle of taking it to be inspected....well I suppose it wouldn't be that big of a hassle if I knew it was going to pass but the check engine light had been on, despite the fact that the car seemed to be running just fine, and I knew that it would cost some moola to get thing to turn off. (Run on sentences of America) I had to go back and forth to the car place multiple times over a week and a half so to finally have it done and complete was so so nice!

3. Totes thankful that Lizzie is a part of this all. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.


4. SO thankful and excited for the next few weeks of summer as we really get going here and living for SUMMER!!!! I am in desperate need of the beach, ya know? I need a tan and am thankful that the beach is walking distance from my house now! (Insert big cheesy grin)

5. This one is a futuristic "thankful"....Saturday Morning....I am going to be SO thankful for you :) I love and miss you so much of the week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and one that is filled with many things to be thankful for.

Now go outside and play!


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