Monday, June 25, 2012

Awesome Song of The Week

Liz's Song This Week:

Carolina-Ancient Cat Society

I walk around constantly singing this song. Well really just, "all the rice in China couldn't pay for Carolina, she's the type of girl you wish you never met." It just sticks in your head. You feel bad for the poor sucker but the song makes me happy. This band is based out of Houston and is an offshoot of the local band Buxton. I doubt you can only listen to this song once. Before you know it you will be singing it all week. Have an awesome week!



Jessica's Song This Week:

Beating Heart Baby- Head Automatica

Ok now you can officially wake up! WOOOO!!!!! Drink your morning coffee to "...all the rice in China..." and then dance around your living room to Head Automatica!!!!! Monday is NOT even ready for you!!!!!


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