Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yoga don't care. Yoga don't give a shit.

Today is the start of our Summer Series: Exploring Galveston over on Pretty Riot. We went to a great Boutique in town where I found a cute pair of everyday turquoise earrings. Follow the link and check out our new series that posts every Tuesday (a store) and Thursday (a restaurant) for the next 8 weeks.

I started my yoga practice 3 years ago. Vinyasa style mainly. I found two teachers that I really enjoyed and classes that I really liked and felt comfortable with. For a year I was going 2-4 times a week. I got good at some poses, struggled with most. I was by no means balancing on my pinkies while chanting my ohms. But it felt good. I felt good. I moved to a teeny tiny town in New Mexico in the fall of 2010 and did not have classes to go to anymore. So I fell off. I moved back to the island in the summer of 2011 and proceeded to gain a crazy amount of pounds in the past year. So I fell off real hard.

This Saturday I said eff it Im just going to jump back in this yoga shit and start getting back into a healthier lifestyle. I got up early, ate my two pieces of Healthy Nut wheat toast with a little strawberry jelly and sipped on some OJ and drank water. Before I knew it I was walking back into the studio into a vinyasa class that a friend of mine was teaching. I knew it was going to suck, that I wasn't going to be able to do what I used to, you know baby steps and all that ish. It started out ok. Stiff, stomach all in the way, sweaty and then we went into our first 'easy' twist and Bam! I thought I was going to hurl on the bamboo floor. I toughed it out for a couple more minutes before I had to step out of class and try not to get sick. Child pose was not an option. I took about a 5 minute break, got back on the mat and continued with the class. I usually live for savasana, you know the part where you just lay there and try not to fall asleep, but I was even ready for that to be over.

I got home and told my boyfriend about my experience. Told him, though he already knows, how shitty I've been eating and how out of shape I am. Thats when I realized, Yoga don't care. Yoga don't give a shit.

Its two days later and my arms and legs are still so sore. I'll be back in a yoga class this week and before I know it Ill be back and better than ever.

If you are ever around the Galveston area join me at a yoga class with Jim of Texas Yoga Flow, my first yoga teacher and who also does beach yoga, or at the amazing and beautiful Yoga Haven.

Both Jess and I are starting a weight loss, lifestyle change journey. The good ol' fashion way. By hardwork and smart choices. And from time to time we will be posting about it. Recipes, fun exercises, and words of encouragement are always appreciated.


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