Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Champagne Thursday!

Well....that's not a 'tradition' we have in place yet but I definitely think that we should put something in motion that is very similar to that. Or you know, exactly like that.

On today's agenda....THE HOUSTON WEB AWARDS!!!! Tonight Liz and are going to be a part of the party! We didn't win anything (yet, you betta watch out though!) but we have plans to meet all of our local internet peeps and have a great time. Bun B is going to be there and one of my goals is to get a picture with him.

I don't know why but I'm kind of geeking out a little and I'm not usallly star struck. And I don't think that I'm particularly 'star struck' but maybe feel a little giddy/nerdy/nervous about the whole thing...which is sure to be classified as an 'ordeal' by the time it's all over with.

The Real Me:
"Excuse me..uh...Mr. B? Bun?!?!?!"

That's pretty much how it can be expected to go down. Awkwardly, no doubt. But I will stand across the room for hours working up my nerve to walk up and ask for a photo, cause I'm so paranoid like that. I won't even approach him until the very last second of the event. It's so much easier to ignore 'celebrities' and pretend like it's no big deal, like you see them all the time.

The Cool Me:
"Oh yeah, Bun B over there, yeah. That's cool."

Apparently, I'm not even good at being cool when I'm just "thinking" about it! AGH! I'm sure everything will be fine. It'll be fine. (This is where you begin to send all good energy and calming vibes and light candles in the hope that I don't trip or spill something.)

Anyhoodle, Liz wrote today's post over at the site. The second installment of our Exploring Galveston Summer Series. A post about the ever so fabulous Mosquito Cafe!!!! It kind of makes me hungry...maybe we should go ahead and start Chamagne Thursday there, with a mimosa or two?

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