Friday, June 29, 2012

Mission. Accomplished.

Photo: Me and my buddy Bun B...just hanging out....

And that my friends is how you get things done. :)

I'm pretty proud of myself for making this happen because we all know how nerved up I was going into it. And Liz DID NOT HELP in the "Be Calm/ Be Cool Department. She told me various times that she needed her 'natural anxiety remedy' and we weren't even close to the venue. We were hours from the party even starting. Gotta love Liz though. The truth is we are both a little anxiety ridden. So if you put us together and give us a little bit of time to conjure up more suspense and go through ten thousand what-if scenarios then you my friends, have yourself two apprehensive broads.

We were walking through the door and I literally had only taken maybe two steps into this place when I looked up and saw Bun B. I did a double take (which he totally saw) and out of sheer panic and unpreparedness I just kept walking....away. When I turned back to look at Liz she's giving me this,"What the hell are you doing?!?!?" type of look. And I just motiond back, mouthing the words,  "NO! I'M NOT READY!"

We went straight to the bar and a few drinks later, I casually and very nonchalantly walk up to Bun B with my photographer (Liz) in tow. And I got my picture with the legendary Big Pimpin' himself.

I'm totes satisfied. (Even if in the picture his forehead is reflecting that shiny sticker from inside the bill of his hat. Folks gotta stay moisturized!)

I was so happy that Liz and I celebrated by taking 3 trips into the photobooth, which for the record takes pictures way too quickly. I almost knocked the entire photobooth set up over (which is documented in the last photo taken) and at that point- it was time to leave.

Houston Press Web Awards, you treated us well. We'll be back next year, maybe we'll even win something?

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