Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And Then We Started My Fit Foods...

 Is Going to get me 'There'  

Remember last week when I was talking about Meal Movement? And Crossfit- because apparently I am completely INSANE? Well, Crossfit is a far cry from becoming my reality. We can all chill on that thought. BUT Mike and I have begun a My Fit Foods diets. We decided against Meal Movement for a few reasons:
There wasn't an option to try it for a week, you had to buy a month's worth of food. AND because it was frozen. Surely, the taste must be decent but going with a different choice gave us more flexibility in the case that we didn't like it. So My Fit Foods it is.

Since we live in Galveston we have to drive to Houston to pick up our meals. They do not deliver and there is not a closer location. I know, a complete travesty. So once a week we will make the trip to pick up our weekly meals. We have lunch and dinner prepared for the next 6 days and to be honest I'm a little excited. (Well if we're being honest, right now I'm actually hungry but it is by no fault of My Fit Foods. As soon as I'm done writing this post, I will heat and eat my first lunch which is tilapia and veggies! Yum!) I can already hear the skinny jeans calling my name. Well in my mind The Skinny Jeans are calling me 'Kate Moss'. They will confuse me with her because of my slim and petite, way smoking hott figure that I'll be rockin' soon enough!

A friend and I used to say,"We're going to be fine a s wine by the summer time!" And since summer is half over, I will be fine as wine by the fall time, I hope. In the coming months we'll all be layering and wearing coats and if you're already a pudgy mess then putting winter clothes on top of all that can make you look bigger and it's uncomfortable. I know because I have lived it.

I know I won't get there (and by 'there' I mean totally sexy and hott) by only eating healthy, I will have to actually work off some of my extra...ness eventually. Slowly but surely, I'll get there. Optimistic me can SO feel and see the prize! Here's to getting my sexy back!

<3, Jess

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