Monday, July 30, 2012

Awesome Song of the Week

Liz's Song This Week

Look The Other Way -  Justin Townes Earle

There's something ya'll should know about me. There are only 3 things I listen to when Im driving or riding in my car. First? Nothing. Seriously. I spend alot of my driving time not listening to anything. I know this is blasphemy for most of you but I am completely content with not listening to anything on both quick trips and long treks. Second? NPR. This is the only station I have tuned on my rado. Third? Whichever CD I am hooked on. And lately (like 2 months) it has been Justin Townes Earle's album from a few years ago The Good Life. I just LOVE it. {Obviously since its been in my player for so long.} Matty and I went to see him in May at Fitz in Houston. It was great. And hilarious drunk #1 fan was an added bonus. Please, please check out his music. Its like hip-Americana-folky awesomeness (Is that a genre? Cuz it should be.). I think its fan-freaking-tastic and recommend it highly.  Have a great week!!

<3, Liz

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